In 1896, two German immigrants were married in St. Joseph's Church of Yorkville. John and Justine Glaser were fond enough of St. Joseph’s that when a nearby property went up for sale some years later, they snatched it up. On this property, 1670 First Avenue, Glaser’s Bake Shop was founded, opening for business in 1902.

At Glaser’s Bake Shop, residents of Yorkville could find breads, pastries, and other treats. Happily for the neighborhood and future Glasers, John and Justine’s decision to purchase rather than rent has allowed the Bake Shop to keep its doors open despite sharply rising real estate prices. But, while Glaser’s has survived, the German enclave of Yorkville no longer exists. Now, the Bake Shop finds itself creating more and more individual portion items, serving the single professionals that now file through its doors.

Today, two generations and over one hundred years later, Glaser’s Bake Shop remains in the family, still baking traditional German strudel, as well as newer confections like crumbly black-and-white cookies. The interior also retains the shop’s early charm in the original handcrafted woodwork and tile floors. Stop in to check it out and grab a treat!

1. In what church did Glaser’s Bake Shop founders John and Justine Glaser get married in 1896?
Immanuel Lutheran Church
St. Joseph’s Yorkville
Zion-St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

2. In what year did Mayor Michael Bloomberg make an official proclamation about the 100th anniversary of this local shop?